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Get to Know: Sam Gleadle

By Allison Kibbe, 03/23/20, 10:45AM PDT


Midfielder discusses recent engagement, favorite foods, and more recently sat down with United Kingdom native Sam Gleadle to learn more about the midfielder. 

When you were growing up, who were the players you looked up to in the soccer industry?

Thierry Henry. My family is a big Arsenal fan, so I just grew up watching him. He’s the best player in the world, Benji! 

(Comment aimed at his fellow teammate, Benji Kikanovic, in the background).

Do you still follow their games overseas, or what do you watch as far as the European teams?

The English Premier League is definitely what I watch the most, but I will watch anything. It doesn’t really matter. 

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not playing soccer?

I would say eating lots of food. 

What kind of food?

Anything that is not spicy. I like chicken, avocado, and I am a big bacon guy. I eat a lot of bacon. 

I know you recently got engaged, so do you have a date set yet? 

No, no date yet. We are thinking in late 2021. 

What are you looking forward to most about getting married? 

Just knowing we have each other for the rest of our lives. Obviously, we knew for a while now, but just being an official family. 

Where is the best place you’ve ever traveled to? 

Crete, Greece. I went a couple of times as a kid, and it is beautiful. 

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

I just eat so much food. People think I am joking, but I would be obese if I didn’t play soccer. 

What is something you cannot live without? 

Besides soccer, definitely family.

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